Avenues Institute for Advanced Mathematics

A mathematician, like a painter or a poet, is a maker of patterns.

— G. H. Hardy

The Avenues Institute for Advanced Mathematics opens a new path of advanced study in mathematics for secondary-aged students at Avenues campuses around the world. More than just an advanced math class, the Institute is a highly selective global program designed for students who see mathematics as a source of beauty and inspiration in the world, and who feel driven to produce groundbreaking work in mathematics.

The Experience

The Avenues Institute for Advanced Mathematics offers a rigorous and highly demanding mathematics curriculum beyond the level of any advanced math class currently taught at Avenues. As such, the Institute replaces a student’s regular math classes. Students will learn from a combination of independent research, peer group discussion, and exploration of mathematics by making physical and digital models, incorporating cultural and historical perspectives into their analysis.

In the Institute, the instruction is highly individualized and the learning environment is flexible. Students independently complete the material in a manner and at a pace that maximizes their learning. The scope and sequence of the work are strictly determined by the student’s pace, progress, and passion, and the content covered may far exceed the first-year college math courses.


The Institute is seeking highly independent, self-motivated, inquisitive, and research-oriented learners who purely enjoy finding answers to their questions through discovery and exploration.

Students in the Institute are nimble in their approach to mathematics. They embrace failure and demonstrate a good deal of resourcefulness, perseverance, and resilience. They are naturally comfortable with uncertainty and can easily find their way in a demanding and rigorous math curriculum.

For the 2021–22 school year, the application is open for current 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade Avenues students.


Students build portfolios in place of receiving traditional grades. Portfolios may include, but are not limited to:

  • mathematical artifacts of their own making
  • math papers that they submit to a jury of teachers or publish in journals
  • videos where they explain, solve or prove major problems or theorems from the history of mathematics
  • research on aspects of mathematics that they are passionate about
  • scores from national and international math competitions
  • end of module self-reflection and feedback assessments

Is this you? If the world of mathematics has been calling you, follow the instructions below.


Step 1

Solve the Challenge

  • Watch the video to understand the challenge you will solve.
  • Review the document below for detailed challenge instructions.

    Read Detailed Instructions

  • Create a video of yourself explaining your solution in detail. Your video should be around 3 mins long. You can use notes, but explain your solution without reading from a script. Be creative with your approach, presentation and video editing.
  • Create a PDF file of your mathematical solution, showing your work that leads to an answer in an organized way. A reader should not have a second thought about what you wrote. Variables should be defined, all diagrams should be labeled, and each mathematical step should be justified.

Step 2

Let’s Discuss Your Solution

  • Your submission will be reviewed in a few days.
  • If your video successfully represents your thought process, you will hear from us with a date and time for an in-person interview.
  • In the interview, we will discuss your solution and talk about extensions of the challenge, and you will receive feedback on your work.

Step 3

Get Your Results

  • After your in-person interview, you will hear from the Institute within two weeks about your admission status.

Application Deadline

Applications are due on March 19, 2021. Please submit all your work before or on this date.

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